RawScripts Source Code is Hereby Opened

So, I’ve been building this screenwriting software for the past year, and two things have happened in that time. First, what started as a small project for myself and few friends, has turned into a feature rich tool with a couple thousand users. And second, I’ve been barraged with the messages of the Free (as in “Freedom”) Software community. So today I make an honest project of Rawscripts and release the code under the AGPLv3.

The reasons for this are plenty. Distributing the code freely, I believe, is the best way to make the software better. It’s the best way to make it highly adaptive to new forms of video production. In part, I just think open sourcing will be fun.

But also, there’s this whole “cloud” business. Putting out data online is great for lots of things, like for automatic backups, accessing your files anywhere, and easier collaboration. But it’s tragic when you have to trust something as precious as your screenplays — your personal writing — with some company on take it or leave it terms. There is no transparency for what happens to your screenplay when you click “Save” and writers shouldn’t have to put up with the choice between easy access and control of their work. (See, you FLOSS people really have gotten to me.)

So that’s me ranting. Now let me be exuberant. Come Join The Community! There’s a mailing list, go look at the code, try out the software, write some poetry about it, look at the first bit of documentation, and just get involved. It’ll be great. Summer school is over and the Fall semester yet to start, so I’ll be spending dozens of hours a day on IRC. So come say hi in #rawscripts at frenode.net.


BTW, do you give cool code names to version 0.0.0? If so, I’ve been seeing this as a “Duck Soup.” If not, I’m still calling it “Duck Soup.” Hail, Hail Freedonia.

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