First Week Open: A Retrospective

It’s been but a few days, but my general enthusiasm compels me to write again.

Thanks to everyone who’s asked questions, spread the word, and wants to help. I figured this was a niche product with not-so-general appeal, so getting the response we got was danged fricken’ awesome. Especially exciting is an offer from a user to maybe get new graphic design around the site, because that is so long past due.

As far as the code goes, my job this week has been cleaning up the mess I share with you all, and with substantial progress. All things redundant, ambiguous, and in the wrong place are being fixed and documented. And the upshot is that it’s much easier to get the code running, and much easier to see what’s going on with it.

Now, I’m sure people are waiting for the weekend to hack at Rawscripts. I’ll actually be out of town for most of it, so I’m not hanging out on IRC. But if you have any questions, hit up the mailing list, and I’ll be ready to answer.



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