Finally Got Some Work Done!

School has started up again in full swing, but since Christmas I’ve finally had some serious time to work on RawScripts, and wanted to share some of the progress that has been made.

Flask is working out perfectly. It’s fun to write, has a whole host of plugins, stays well out of the way so you can add additional libraries… I can’t say enough good things about Flask. And so, because of it’s simplicity, much progress has been made in getting the server-side code independent of AppEngine. If you grab the code from the repository, the “freedom” branch contains all the new-fangled Flask-centric code. And in that, most of the core of the system has been remade.

Remade, but better too. Since I was in the position of rewriting the server side code from scratch, I took a lot of liberties to make the code more uniform, more extensible, faster, and smarter. What is so far most exciting is the new idea of a “project.” In the new system, a project is a collection of materials used to create a film. At the moment there are only two types of materials – the screenplay, and a titlepage. But moving forward, it will be much easier for people to develop additional project plugins like a storyboard editor, or a scheduler, or call sheets. A small folder with python, html, and javascript can be easily dropped in place, and it’ll tie into the save system, revision history, export controls, and much more.

And finally, Mongodb. It’s working well for the devolpment process, for the most part because it’s set up how I think. After doing a lot of JS development, I like to thing in json objects, and organizing my database that way has been a blast. And when the main installation is moved off of AppEnine, it’ll be great, too. However, a goal of this project is still to scale down as well as scale up, and I’m finding MongoDB isn’t so sensible to run on a plug server. For something like the personal scale, there just doesn’t seem to be anything as cool or easy to run as SQLite (it makes maintaining my owncloud installation is such a breeze). And for that reason alone, I’m rethinking SQL.

Anyways, those are the updates. Just letting you all know that the project has been moving forward nicely. And hopefully this year we can begin the exciting shift off of AppEngine and into whatever computers you love and trust.




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