What’s RawScripts?

This is screenwriting software that runs in the browser and stores everything online. It does formating, prints nice PDFs, makes it easy to collaborate, and lots more. So, it’s pretty awesome.

Oh, and it’s open sourced (AGPLv3) and lookin’ fine. Rawscripts.org is a hub for people who want to learn more or contribute to the project in any way.

It is also the software running at Rawscripts.com. So you want to just go write, or you want to get a feel for its capabilities, go check it out.

Who is RawScripts?

Ritchie Wilson. Never heard of me? Yeah, well, that sounds about right. I make short films and write code with higher than average but worse than professional skill.

But you could be a part of RawScripts too!You too can write code, design pages, request features, spot bugs, evangelize, make tutorials, or just plain buy me sandwich and gimme a sporting knock on the shoulder. Go check out the docs and mailing list.

Why is RawScripts?

There is a growing trend for people to save everything online, and in many ways that’s a good thing. It’s good for backups, it can let you work seamlessly from any device, and new features can be added more easily.

The problem is that doing that now with screenplays also means handing over your work to someone to store for you. It means you can’t know what happens to your script when you click “Save.” Rawscripts is now open sourced and free to use, so people can know what happens to their work, and run the software themselves on a personal plug computer or a giant video production house server. So it’s about a good, free (as in freedom) webapp.